June 25, 2017

Docker, a DevOps ally

Aug 19, 2015 6 3448

In case you are wondering what Docker is about and how it relates to DevOps, here’s a quick take on how Docker bolsters the DevOps mission by helping operations become more agile. The pain of operations lies ...

Cluster HQ and DevOps.com Survey Report

Jul 2, 2015 0 1940

DevOps.com and ClusterHQ, conducted a survey on Container usage that shows an overwhelming majority of users have either already using, testing or investigating Container usage. With 285 respondents representing a wide range of organizations, it shows that ...

DevOps, Containers and Faster Time-to-Parity

Jun 5, 2015 1 638

DevOps discussions often focus on the value of getting innovative applications to market quickly. And it’s true. Getting a cool new application into production quickly can help you differentiate yourself in today’s app-sensitive marketplace. But, in reality, ...