July 24, 2017

Containers vs. Legacy Infrastructure: What Containers Do Differently

Jul 10, 2017 0 334

When people discuss containers, they tend to compare them to “legacy” or “traditional” solutions without defining what those words actually mean. Let’s take a look at how containers compare to alternative technologies and what makes containers different. ...

Wrangling Containers in Production

Jun 29, 2017 0 331

  If you’re a DevOps person, chances are good you’ve come across Docker containers. Companies of all sizes are reaping benefits of containers in all areas of the application development life cycle. Containers are accelerating developer onboarding, ...

Survey: Containers are Hot, Scaling is Tough

Jun 22, 2016 0 661

Container adoption continues to rise, but organizations find that containers make infrastructure more complex rather than more simple. That’s according to a new survey report about international container adoption trends from the Cloud Foundry Foundation. The report, ...