June 24, 2017

Orchestrating Kubernetes on Bare Metal

Mar 30, 2017 0 1109

Linux container technology permits the subdivision of compute resources in ways similar to virtualization, but without the overhead of managing separate copies of the operating system in each instance/container. To maximize this effect, containers are frequently run ...

Which OS Is Best for Docker? Here’s How to Decide

Mar 7, 2017 1 5121

What’s the best operating system for hosting Docker containers? That’s a loaded question. Here’s a guide to answering it. The question is loaded because, well, people tend to have strong opinions about which operating system is “best” ...

Four ways containers threaten VMware’s 10 year dominance

Jul 1, 2015 1 1085

Can containers threaten VMware’s beachhead? Yes. Combined with an exploding ecosystem, they address the top use-cases and add something additional. I started working with VMware during its first ESX beta (nearly 15 years ago!). My first start-up, ...