April 29, 2017
Christopher Tozzi

Christopher Tozzi has covered technology and business news for nearly a decade, specializing in open source, containers, big data, networking and security. He is currently Senior Editor and DevOps Analyst with Fixate.io and Sweetcode.io.

What’s Old Is New Again (and Better): Understanding LinuxKit

Apr 26, 2017 0 267

LinuxKit, Docker’s latest open-source project, promises to enable you to run Docker containers wherever you want—on Linux, on Windows, on AWS or, if you feel like it, on your IoT-connected TV. But behind this huge innovation are ...

Why the Docker Ecosystem Is Starting to Feel Boring

Apr 25, 2017 0 255

DockerCon 2017 has come and gone. What did it tell us about the current state of Docker, Docker containers and the ecosystem? Keep reading for an overview. First of all, this year’s DockerCon provided an indication of ...

How Docker Changes Everything (Not Just Deployment)

Apr 17, 2017 0 436

At their core, Docker containers are just a new way to deploy applications. But their implications for the software world extend much further than just application deployment. Here’s how Docker changes monitoring, storage, security and more. Docker ...

The Current State of Persistent Storage for Docker

Apr 10, 2017 0 488

If there’s one area where Docker container tooling remains weak, it’s the realm of persistent storage. Here’s why storage solutions for containers continue to come up short, and a look at the work being done to make ...

The Docker Paradox: Containers Trade Simplicity for Agility

Apr 6, 2017 0 344

Docker containers make life easier. But they also make it more complicated. This is the Docker paradox. Here’s what it means. If you’re familiar with Docker, you likely already understand how it simplifies the lives of developers ...

The Money Question: Diamanti Discusses Containers, VMs and TCO

Apr 3, 2017 0 419

Docker containers are cool, they help you be agile and they consume resources more efficiently. That you know. But here’s the burning question: Will containers save you money? That’s what I recently asked Mark Balch of Diamanti. ...

How Kubernetes is Eating the Container World

Mar 27, 2017 1 762

Is Kubernetes eating the container world? Not quite, but it’s close—and its success comes at the expense of Docker Swarm. The recent news that IBM has added a managed Kubernetes service to the Bluemix cloud is only ...

Docker at 4: Milestones in Docker History

Mar 23, 2017 0 390

Docker is now 4 years old—and a lot has happened in that time. Here’s a recap of major milestones in Docker history, starting with Docker’s first public release in March 2013. Technically, Docker is a bit more ...