February 28, 2017
Christopher Tozzi

Christopher Tozzi has covered technology and business news for nearly a decade, specializing in open source, containers, big data, networking and security. He is currently Senior Editor and DevOps Analyst with Fixate.io and Sweetcode.io.

MirageOS Unikernels Now Support KVM and FreeBSD bhyve

Feb 27, 2017 0 85

Unikernels built using MirageOS can now run on more hypervisors following the release this week of MirageOS 3.0, a platform for building specialized microservices applications for the cloud. MirageOS lets you build a type of unikernel. Unikernels ...

Your Monolithic Apps Can Run on Docker, Too

Feb 24, 2017 0 205

If you think you can’t run your legacy monolithic app using Docker, think again. While microservices apps are best-suited for Docker, there’s no reason you can’t benefit from Docker with a monolithic app, too. It’s a common ...

Diamanti Eyes Enterprises with Docker Appliance

Feb 22, 2017 0 180

Diamanti wants to make container deployment a plug-and-play affair with the launch of an infrastructure appliance powered by Docker and Kubernetes. The company has announced the general availability of the appliance, called the D10, which can be ...

Should You Migrate to Docker Containers? Not Always

Feb 16, 2017 0 366

Docker containers are one of the most popular things in IT right now. But you probably learned in kindergarten that what is popular is not always right. So before jumping on the container train, you should make ...

The State of the Docker Ecosystem: Docker vs. Everyone Else

Feb 14, 2017 0 412

What is the state of the Docker ecosystem? What’s the relationship between Docker Inc. and other container vendors? Here’s a primer. The short answer to the questions above is that the Docker ecosystem breaks down into Docker ...

The Do’s and Don’ts of Container Registries

Feb 8, 2017 0 450

Container image registries are a key part of the container stack if you want to run large-scale workloads. But when it comes to setting up and managing an image registry, there are things you should and shouldn’t ...

Container Antipatterns: 5 Mistakes to Avoid when Using Docker

Feb 6, 2017 1 748

To get the most out of Docker containers, it’s important to avoid mistakes that DevOps teams sometimes make when migrating to Docker. Here are the top five common Docker mistakes to avoid. Those mistakes include: Installing an ...

Docker Containers are Much Older Than You Think (Kind Of)

Feb 3, 2017 1 432

Docker is barely three years old, which makes it seem like a new, relatively unproven technology. But viewed from the perspective of the long history of containers and microservices, Docker is actually a very established technology. Here’s ...